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Other then normal get-a-way weekends and traditional Hunting Seasons, Some of us spend vacations here. Even a now traditional annual pig roast has been started bringing old and new friends together to enjoy this camp. Included are photos of past pig roasts and other events.

We wish to thank all those involved in pulling off these events. We know it takes a lot of work and dedication along with a reliable support staff a make it all happen.  besides all that, it's a lot of fun and laughs.....

Click on any picture to enlarge it !!!

              HERE IT IS FOLKS !!!!!!!

Tuscarora camps 1st annual pig roast!!

            The " ROAST MASTER "!

          Watching " Fred " Cook
 This is the cooker used  in 2004

pig roast 2005  no pics available

Some of the pig roasting support crew  here to enjoy the roast also. We had a blast!!!

pig roast  2005  No pics available

To be continued