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These pictures are from year 2007. Just getting better and better.

Click on any picture to enlarge it !!!
Summer 2007

A great start of summer

Every thing blossoms

Even the Weeds are a site to enjoy

Early Morning Views

All is still and quiet

Adam and Lilly join in

A Morning Stroll

Do you see it??

What is that?

Mamma calling for breakfast


Pops takes a spin on

Mamma and Smoothies new bike

Pops says!!!!!
Always wear your Helmet

One of Pops watch dogs

Told ya this was family oriented

Everything Just as we left it

All Green and ready to enjoy!!

Early Morning

The Mountains Wake

The wonders of the woods

Is that a deer?

Sneaking along the 4 Wheeler trail

looking for a deer or two

Lilly waiting for the slow

pokes to catch up

Gathering Firewoodp

For the nightly Campfire

Megano goes for a spin

This is fun

While riding 4 wheeler

Always keep you feet on the floor board

Boze on the latest

Camp addition

Smoothy steals Adams Ride

Adam brings help to get his ride back

Lori's big Baby

Lilly enjoying the attention

Viddles are served
Still no eggs !!!!

 Scout & Guide cut some "ZZZ's"                         They are being stalked !!

The "B" Twins

When chasing boys "BEE" careful

Smoothy & Mr Landowner

Enjoying the shade and catching up

Boze gets a birthday present

U can't shootem if ya can't see-em

    Our Newest addition           Waterless and pre installed

       After the rain storm

                           Things can be a bit soggy

  Bus-Man explains how it's done

 The end of a great weekend

Smoothys get-a-way

Adams NOT impressed

Julie fixing morning viddles

Where are the eggs???

The start of Tent City


Scout and Guide with others                 Around nightly campfire

Just a reminder

A Mistake on one of these

Can Result in on of THESE

What say you Mr. Landowner

Remember these guys??

Girls oh Girls do not play with this

     No-butt trying out for size!

.                        Looks like a perfect fit.

           No words required                    Pictures say it all

 Adam helps Dad blow out candles                      Boze now official Old Geezer

          How sweet it is!