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These pictures are from year 2006. Just getting better and better.

Click on any picture to enlarge it !!!
The first gleem of 2006 

Does this look like fun? 03/19/06 

Tuscaroracamps Newest Rider

Megan and Adam our newest riders
Megan shows Adam the way!!!!

Pride  Likes the quiet and the rest

This is living

A New Addition !!!

Young and full of energy

Megan Also is on the go

Our next generation riders

This should be interesting

Its been a long time Boze. 

Lori says " You can't get away"

Adam, This is yours!!!!!!!

Minor Setback

Are we having fun yet?

Riding in the rain???

Is that an umbrella fastened to the handlebars???

The Hermit Hut

Landowners new Hunting Blind????

The Beginning of a new day

After a hard day of running you just need to cool off

Ahhhhh  That feels good!!

Same for Adam

Ah  Full of energy that is!!!

Every one wants to ride 

Everyone gets in on the fun

Who's 4 wheeler is that??

Needs no comment!! Hang on Julie

Having Fun is what it's all about

Ummm Ahhh Hmmm !!!

No Comment needed

Some of us just attend so we can rest,enjoy, and take in the excitement

This is relaxing!!!

Generation II Pig Roaster

Don't laugh, It works Great!!

Lighting it off in the rain

Boze says, NO PROBLEM!!

Adding More Charcoal

With a shovel???

Some liquid Refreshment

Just for effect

There you have it

Dinner is served!!

The food was GREAT

We had a great time even with the rain

             The  Cake



Smoothy's "Umbrella"


A Foul Weather Deflector

            The Haul Home


         A Truck full of Buck

Lots of room for cooking

It took a Great Idea to Build this one

Got er Going

Lori Doesn't seem impressed Needs more fire!!

A little more lighter fluid

To get er Hot

Getting everyone back to camp

Bring in those 4 wheelers

The end result of our

3rd Annual Pig Roast

Mamma Says !!

Ya'll come visit again!!!

   And That makes you How old??


      The Score for 2006


             The Cartoon


       Just Couldn't Help it!!!!!