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Time to think Fall & Hunting and Snow!!!

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Welcome To Our Web Site!!

This site is dedicated to those who are kind enough to share their love for what nature has to offer. Tuscarora camp is exactly what we are talking about. The owner of this land has given through the kindness of his heart that very foundation for which this camp is operated. This is a family oriented camp and offers activities for both young and young at heart Summer time activities include family weekends, riding 4 wheelers, long lazy walks through the woods, and enjoying the wildlife living amongst us.

Winter activities include the same activities only with the added attraction of the frozen tundra. Hunting season is also a high life of camp. Now please take a tour of our site and get a glimpse of what Tuscarora Camp has to offer and why we think it is one of the best places on earth to be.

Tuscarora Camp's Success Story
Getting Better and Better

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Really?? Electric Blanket at camp?


The FIRST Camp
This is the beginning !!!

2 Generations, 1 Happy Father and Son






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